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Hello, my name is Antonio.I am a front-end developer with foundational skills, eager to grow and seeking a full-time position.

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Born with a deep interest in languages and cultures, I completed a degree in Spanish and Linguistics at Lund University. This education gave me an understanding of language structures, which later helped me transition into coding and web development. I pursued a Full-stack Development program at Teknikhögskolan i Lund, developing skills in JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, HTML, CSS, GraphQL, Git, and Jira.

My journey has been diverse, with work experiences in Granada, London, and Lund, including managerial roles and customer service. I've also held positions such as a Spanish language instructor and have extensive experience in the service industry. These roles have equipped me with collaboration, leadership, and resilience skills.

After internships and jobs at Axis Communications and 24HR, I am now looking for a full-time front-end developer role. I bring a unique blend of linguistic knowledge, coding skills, and a wide range of soft skills, eager to contribute to a team that values technical ability and diverse experiences.

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